Hello and welcome to my website.

2023 was thankfully a very good year for myself with the continuation of my live performances and the promotion of my music including my latest album “light from the light that never ends” released on Brambus Records. Thankfully the album is doing very well, with lovely reviews and very healthy radio airplay around the world.

Now I am really looking forward to 2024.

I will be returning to perform in Canada in the Springtime.
Throughout the year as always I will be playing shows both at home and in Europe.
I will also to be returning to the studio to record some new material.
I hope to possibly see you somewhere along the way.

I want to thank all those concerned for their very welcome support.
I am eternally grateful to you.

God be with you.  Dia leat.

Sláinte a Chairde, Brendan.


Photo: Ursina Baitella.